Who am I?

Wazzz happenin folks?

My name is Lacey McKee and I am 21 years YOUNG.

Born and raised in Naples, Floridathe sunshine state! 🙂

Currently, however, I am attending Texas Christian University [GO FROGS!] in Fort Worth, Texas majoring in Nutrition, minoring in Business. 

My love for cooking dates back to when I was just a little “chickpea”.


Yepp, that’s me ^^ playing with my favorite toy kitchen as a child. Not much has changed… other than the fact I normally cook clothed now haha. But seriously, I have to think that is where it all began. My passion for being in the kitchen has only grown since. Upon entering college, I knew I wanted to continue to further my knowledge of food and eventually be able to help others make healthier choices. This blog is to help me continue to explore and keep creating in the kitchen all while keeping the faith that God has a glorious plan already laid out for me. 🙂