discovered chicken patties at TJ’s!

So recently my mom and I have found ourselves doing the majority of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s aka TJ’s! We are continually shocked by how much food we can walk out with for so little $$. They truly have some of the best deals (in my opinion at least). One thing I love is when I discover a new product of theirs that I really like! For example, a past purchase worth sharing is TJ’s Uncured Turkey Bacon.ย 


This stuff is lean ya’ll! 97% fat free, no added nitrates/artificial flavors/colors/preservatives, and it boasts only 30 cals per slice!ย trader-joes-uncured-turkey-bacon-nutrition-factsI like to cook it in a skillet with no oil, just allowing the natural fat to seep out and cook it itself.

Okay so onward to my most recent find! TJ’s Roasted Chicken Patties. Chicken pattiePressed for time and really wanting a healthy burger? [ I’m talkin to you college kiddies ๐Ÿ˜‰ ] These perfectly sized patties are my go-to! They’re already fully cooked so they can be ready in just a couple of minutes. I cooked mine on my little George Forman Grill– SO MOIST! Topped it off with some roasted mashed sweet potato, cottage cheese, and sprinkles of dill. Ate it alongside a few sautรฉedย brussels sprouts and onions for a delectable lunch :-).ย IMG_3672

Now go buy some and try em yourself!ย